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about attention. deficit. disorder.:

"As its title seemed to demand, I found myself skipping about Brad Listi's novel, yanked further in by each random, episodic jewel. They were quirky, evocative, and clever...something genuinely different, and defiantly genuine. Then, reading from start to finish, an entirely other experience emerged: a cohesive, poignant story, subsuming warmth and depth, and—again—that unflinching honesty. Overall, it seems I got a lot more than I bargained for. A perfect book about what we and the world are becoming."

—Jim Carroll

"It's not easy writing lightly about heavy things, but Brad Listi makes it look effortless.... Attention. Deficit. Disorder. is a wild American picaresque."
—Stewart O'Nan


Days after his ex-girlfriend's suicide, Wayne Fencer flies to San Francisco for her funeral. When he learns that she aborted their child, he embarks upon a search for meaning that takes him to unusual places and through some of the most influential events of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

His journey takes him up and down the East Coast on foot, then over to Cuba where he meets the fishing guide who inspired Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea, across the American West in an RV, ending up at the legendary Burning Man festival and an encounter with his soulmate, who turns out to be a six-foot-three woman in a purple cowboy hat.

Brad Listi's novel is a dazzling exploration of love and death that just so happens to include some drugs, prostitutes, naked cycling, Mantovani and the ingredients for a Molotov cocktail. An inventive and rewarding debut.


UK Edition / The Friday Project

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